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Alazar Wondifraw

Alazar Wondifraw

After going through the STEM School program how did you find the experience?

The program was so good and also the teachers. I have got a great knowledge and experiences in STEM fields.

Did it change how you think about science, math, technology or aviation?

Yes, also before the program I had great interest in STEM fields, and this program helped me to develop my interests. Now my dream is to work in these fields.

What's the most important thing you learned from the program?

For me everything I learned was very important.The soft skills and also the hard skills.

How might the program help you in school or in your life?

It helped me develop my soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, self confidence and also it helped increase my interest in science fields.

What skills that you got during the program do you use now?

Programming with different programming languages to make my own applications.

Do you continue learning stem related subjects?

Yes, my dream is to work in these fields.

Do you feel more interested in STEM subjects after doing this program? Why or why not?

Yes, because the program helped me to know alot about these fields and I've seen that they are very interesting and useful.

What was the most fun or exciting part of the program for you?

The time of our internship.

What would you like to do next, with the skills learned at the 6 week program?

I want to do a lot of projects to solve my community problems by using my STEM field knowledge and experiences.

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