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Do you ever reflect upon the future of mobility? Do you ever think about what mobility will look like in 2025? We definitely do! That is why Goodyear, together with ThinkYoung, would like to invite you to share your vision for smart and sustainable mobility in 2025.

As your generation will be most interested in these developments, we believe ThinkGoodMobility is the platform to consider your future needs and help to shape Good Mobility.


Young people across Europe don’t want future generations to look back on them as the generation that stood still, right? Moreover, your digitally savvy generation knows more than ever how important innovation and connectivity are, especially in the automotive industry.


That’s why, with the ThinkGoodMobility survey and challenge, we want to reach out to ambitious, enthusiastic and creative young people like you!


Why should you participate?


Apart from the obvious reason that Good Mobility is a fascinating topic to think about, by sharing your ideas and solutions you could win some great prizes in the challenge!


Let’s ThinkGoodMobility!

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