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Would you like to work in a dynamic environment? We welcome exceptional talent with a passion to realise the vision and mission of making the world a better place for young people.

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We are flexible in our approach and accept applicants on both a long and short- term basis.

Please note that ThinkYoung will only consider applications sent in via these links below.

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Become a Member


As a Follower you will receive our monthly and weekly updates. This will be through social networking and our monthly Newsletter.  You will be able to interact with other users on our Facebook and Twitter pages and can become involved with the daily conversation that ThinkYoung challenges through our networking systems.

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Our Individual Members have the chance to receive special and privilege access to ThinkYoung projects and events. These members will become exclusively involved with ThinkYoung by receiving personal invitations and discounts to important events throughout the year, further earning other private benefits solely given to them.


Click here to become an Individual member.


Young people are the future of a more advanced and prosperous society, therefore they deserve to receive the same advantages as any other member.

Hence a young member has the same deal as the other membership options yet they will pay a smaller price for the package they receive.


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Interested in becoming volunteer? Don't hesitate to tell us why! Join our online team of young people across Europe! 


You can help us by writing articles on current European issues, promoting surveys or taking part in conferences and surveys organised by our team.

Join as an Organization

ThinkYoung is a non-profit independent association.  The majority of our projects are financed by foundations and private donations.  There are many ways in which you can contribute if you want to support us or to get involved.

Become Our Partner

We are happy to discuss long term partnerships with organisations, associations and companies representing European youth related interests. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss potential collaboration.


Sponsor our Projects

Are you interested in European youth related topics or would like to know more about youth issues? Your organisation or company can get directly involved in our projects by sponsoring them, with opportunities for visibility exchange and your company promotion at our respective events.


Donate your products or services to support our events and daily activities.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at


From 2009 our projects have significantly contributed to contemporary issues affecting young people, in Europe as well as in other regions.

We launched the report on Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination.

We launched the report on the Cashless Society with regards to European Millennial attitudes towards electronic payments.

We organized three different Coding Summer Schools and Social Entrepreneurship Schools.

Our Fail2Succeed Campaign contributed in changing Italian legislation on bankruptcy.

Actively participated at COP21 Paris Conference to bring the voice and opinion of young entrepreneurs on climate change.

Erased roaming charges across the EU.

Doubled Erasmus budget.

First EU-China young Entrepreneurs exchange program, with more than 150 European and Chinese young entrepreneurs met in Brussels.

Delegation of young people from all over Europe: discussion with members of the Council of the European Union.

More than 30 young people trained in documentary filmmaking, resulting in about 100 films produced in more than 30 countries.

More than 2000 young people trained in entrepreneurship.

EU Visa liberalisation for young students from Kosovo.







2008 - 2017

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