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The project aims to help tackling the growing number of young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET), and up to 29 years old, by increasing their employment opportunities in the footwear industry in Europe.

The project promoted youth employment by transferring the “Production School" model, suc-cessfully implemented in Denmark, to the footwear industry in order to develop an educational path based on learning by practicing, while developing young people’s social, personal, and professional skills.


- To engage NEETs in an appealing training programme based on “learning by do-ing” with future career perspectives.


- To meet the footwear Industry’s need for skilled workers.


- To develop a training path that will provide young people with the necessary skills to enhance their employability in the footwear sector.


- To develop training material for career advisors and teachers.


- To create guidelines for European regions to transfer the Learn2Work methodology to their educational systems Expected.


- A report on how to transfer the Production School Model in Portugal, Spain, & Italy.


- A report on current and future needs of the footwear sector in terms of workforce.


- A training path that combines practical activities and soft skills instructions.


- Training material for career advisors and teachers to assist NEETs in this innovative career path.


- An analysis report on the results of the pilot sessions & an impact assessment report.

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