For hundreds of years, European inventors have created new products, services and business models, improving the way people around the world live and work. The #HiddenInventors campaign aims to celebrate European inventors - past, present and future—putting the spotlight on inventors few of us have heard of, but whose inventions we all know and use.


Give our great inventors the recognition they deserve and help us inspire the next generation to shape the future of Europe. Join our celebration of the Hidden Inventors!

Which European Inventor Are You?

Take a first leap into the exciting world of the Hidden Inventors and discover which
type of inventor you are most like. Are you more of a creative type like Albert
Einstein, or an acrobat to solve the most complex enigmas like Alan Turing?

Take our quiz to find out and share your results on social media!


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In 2020, our Hidden Inventors billboards have popped up all over Brussels to make the public discover the importance and celebrate European inventors which are too often forgotten.

This year, we are giving YOU the unique opportunity to design your own billboard! Are you in?

Billboards are normally used to display advertisement or information on public spaces, but what could be an alternative use for them? The most innovative ideas will be displayed around the city.

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