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For us, mobility lies at the heart of the European project. By giving more EU citizens the opportunity to spend time in another member state, we give them a better chance to ‘broaden their horizons’ and develop a European identity.

Specifically, we ask for three measures to ensure that the EU opens up more stringent opportunities for citizens to go abroad and experience Europe first-hand:


1.    Making more funds available for EU exchange programmes.
2.    Making sure programmes develop more skills among the participants.
3.    Tracking progress in the field of mobility through better monitoring.


We believe that the EU needs to re-focus its integration efforts on the level of individual European citizens to build a genuine European union of people, not states.


This would also lead to positive economic, social, and cultural effects. Especially, increasing mobility promises to spur economic growth and to bring down unemployment rates across Europe, particularly in the age group 18 to 26 which is especially hard hit by the current economic crisis.

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