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ThinkYoung is the first think tank focusing on young people. It was founded in 2009 in Brussels and has expanded to Geneva, Hong Kong and Nairobi.


It is a not-for-profit organisation, with the aim of making the world a better place for young people, by involving them in decision making processes and by providing decision makers with high-quality research on key issues affecting young people.


ThinkYoung conducts studies and surveys, makes documentary movies, writes policy proposals and develops educational programmes. So far, ThinkYoung projects have reached over 800,000 young people.

Based on its research on young people, ThinkYoung creates schools and workshops to empower youth with the tools to make a change. Through the Entrepreneurship Schools set up in Europe and Asia, every year 300 young people from all continents are given the opportunity to cooperate, the chance to learn first-hand experience from successful entrepreneurs, and the skills to create their own company.

At ThinkYoung Audiovisual Laboratory, young researchers are trained in filmmaking and multimedia projects. So far, our team has produced about 100 documentaries on youth in more than 30 different European and Asian countries.



From 2009 our projects have significantly contributed to contemporary issues affecting young people, in Europe as well as in other regions.

We launched the report on Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination.

We launched the report on the Cashless Society with regards to European Millennial attitudes towards electronic payments.

We organized three different Coding Summer Schools and Social Entrepreneurship Schools.

Our Fail2Succeed Campaign contributed in changing Italian legislation on bankruptcy.

Actively participated at COP21 Paris Conference to bring the voice and opinion of young entrepreneurs on climate change.

Erased roaming charges across the EU.

Doubled Erasmus budget.

First EU-China young Entrepreneurs exchange program, with more than 150 European and Chinese young entrepreneurs meeting in Brussels.

Delegation of young people from all over Europe: discussion with members of the Council of the European Union.

More than 30 young people trained in documentary filmmaking, resulting in about 100 films being produced in more than 30 countries.

More than 2000 young people trained in entrepreneurship.

EU Visa liberalisation for young students from Kosovo.








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