In 2019, ThinkYoung built the Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination (YC4PV) composed of 30 young healthcare professionals from more than 15 EU countries.

As vaccine hesitancy is worryingly present across Europe, we need to induce sustainable behavioural change to ensure vaccination becomes a social norm and we believe that the young generation can drive this change.


Young people are leaders: Many young people listen to experts and to their own healthcare professionals; but we also know that they listen to one another. The YC4PV is taking a proactive stance on an issue that affects individuals, but which also has a much wider public health and community impact. 

Young people can also be leaders in influential online conversations which play a role in shaping decisions and health behaviours.


In 2017, ThinkYoung conducted a research on Youth Vaccine Perception which was designed to investigate the awareness level of vaccination among young Europeans. Our research revealed that only the 65% of the young people interviewed considered the benefits of vaccination to outweigh the risks.


ThinkYoung built in January 2019 the Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination (YC4PV) composed of 30 young healthcare professionals with more than 15 nationalities, either engaged in healthcare or in health policy. The YC4PV main objective is to advocate the important role of vaccination and prevention across Europe, both at the EU and national level.


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The YC4PV created a Manifesto capturing 10 recommendations for actions in the field of immunisation addressed to the members of the European Institutions. On Tuesday January 21st 2020 the Manifesto was launched at the European Parliament in Brussels, in presence of over 40 policymakers including members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and representatives from diverse professional and civil society organisations connected to the health sector.

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Anna Swierczyna

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Bastian De Monte

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Beatrice Frascella

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Bjelle Roberts

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Alessandro Cossu

Head of Communications at Cittadinanzattiva

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Lyudmil Ninov

Project Officer at European Patients Forum

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Alessandro Da Rold

Managing Director at EU40 – Network of young MEPs

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Marie Neunez

PhD student at ULB and
Research fellow at I3h

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Ethan Lindenberger

Youth Vaccine Advocate

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Miriam Dalli

Former Member of the European Parliament (S&D)

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Gary Finnegan

Editor at Vaccines Today

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Sabrina Montante
Senior EU Health Policy Advisor at Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to have an overwhelming impact on health, economies, and societies worldwide. According to the WHO, Europe has been one of the worst-affected regions with over 10 million cases. This pushed the European Union and its Member States to pursue a joint action aimed at safeguarding the citizens’ health and safety.

How can we evaluate the results of the measures taken by the European Union? What economic challenges lie ahead? What actions are being put in place to combat misinformation online?

The Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination (YC4PV) will be addressing these issues with Ania Helseth (Facebook), Isabel de la Mata (European Commission), Durdica Vukic Marosevic (YC4PV) and Olivier Ethgen (Serfan Innovation) during an online panel moderated by Gary Finnegan (Vaccines Today).



Do you want to help us spread the word about the importance of prevention and vaccination? The YC4PV Campaign Toolkit provides partner organisations and individuals with resources to support our 2020 online campaign.



For more information regarding this project, please contact silvia@thinkyoung.eu