On May the 25th 2014, for the first time in European history citizens were called to vote their EU representatives in a unified European Campaign.   


Only 28% of young people did vote, with a surprisingly high result for Euro Skeptical Extreme-Right Parties all over the continent. Through three personal stories from England, Italy and Belgium, this film depicts the involvement of youth in the Election. 


Ian Crossland (38) is the leader of the English Defence League, an extreme-right movement from Britain advocating for UK independece from the EU and shutting down the borders to immigrants. We follow their march against a new Roma settlement in South  Yorkshire, with the following local protests and urban warfare against the Police.

Marco Lombardo (32) has been the EU manager for the Italian major political Party, -the  Democratic Party, for years. Although his expertise, involvement and passion for the EU cause seem to make him the ideal candidate, unexpectedly his Party preferred to pick a much older candidate than him last minute. This caused complaints from Party members and affiliates, who no longer feel represented. Marco keeps working hard, confident one day he will have his chance.

Clementine Lafeac (25)  lives in Belgium with her husband and daughter Anna.

We follow the day they move house from their countryside apartment to the centre of Brussels. Neither them nor their friends who come to give them a hand packing have ever voted at any election, nor been interested in politics at all. The EU Election and political participation seems very far from their lives.


Download the Research here


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