Skills Mismatch is defined as the gap between an individual’s job skills

and the demands of the job market; it has become a central challenge for Europe,

affecting all layers of society, from the productivity and efficiency of businesses

to the current and prospective welfare of youth.


Every two years we research the Skills Mismatch in Europe, bringing our results

and recommendations to politicians, managers and decision makers.





With astonishing rates of youth unemployment across many european member states, policy makers are increasingly called into action in order to tackle a generational plague affecting both european youth, and the overall prosperity of the continent.


The observation that countries with low youth unemployment rates are those where Vocational Education and Training (VET) and apprenticeship programmes are more developed is driving the debate on effective education policies, and puts an emphasis on VET and apprenticeships as key instruments in tackling youth unemployment. Apprenticeships are believed to promote a smoother transition from school to work for young people, giving them a good start to their working careers.


To test these claims, this ThinkYoung and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies report investigates young people’s perceptions on the effective provision of VET schemes in 6 major European countries (the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Italy) and their role in addressing youth unemployment.


The report sheds light on young people’s initial perception and attractiveness of VET, the determinants of choosing a VET based educational path, the experience and perceived quality of VET instruction, as well as options for skills transferability and sector mobility.


This is done through a comparison of the findings from those who graduate from such programmes, and those pursuing a general education track.


Download it here





Research shows that although 53% of young Europeans are willing to work in another European country, only 14% have been abroad for education or training.


As a result, only 2% of Europe's working population lives outside their home country.In an attempt to inspire young people to be proactive and embrace the countless opportunities of European mobility and training programs, we produce a movie portraying the life story of someone who tries to invert the negative trend, and goes abroad to find something more than what was available at home.


This film is an account of the experiences of Riccardo, who leaves Italy for Brussels in search for employment. The protagonist is shown through his relocation process: looking for a flat, attending job interviews, learning french and finally enrolling in a vocational training institute, which will lead to a job.


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