Skills Mismatch is defined as the gap between an individual’s job skills

and the demands of the job market; it has become a central challenge for Europe,

affecting all layers of society, from the productivity and efficiency of businesses

to the current and prospective welfare of youth.


Every two years we research the Skills Mismatch in Europe, bringing our results

and recommendations to politicians, managers and decision makers.





Within this report we have examined the extent of the mismatch phenomenon across Europe, identified the contributing factors and provided a series of recommendations directed at decision makers and various stakeholder groups.


In 2011 ThinkYoung, in collaboration with OFMN, engaged in a large scale survey and analysis of 868 respondents from 48 countries, encompassing 16 different languages.


Our report was released on the 10th October at the Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels; forming a part of the OFMN Roundtable.


Download it here





Accompanying the report, our ThY/Lab team have compiled a documentary film,

involving 6 individuals of 6 different nationalities, providing insights and opinions

about the mismatch issue in their various domestic countries.


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Our report was released on the 10th October at the

Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels; forming a part of the OFMN Roundtable.


Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FIAT S.p.A
In reaction to the Think Young study, he further said, “We need young people who have learned how to think outside of the box to achieve their goals – this is how innovation happens.”


Harrie Schippers, President of DAF Trucks N.V. and Chairman of the ACEA Commercial Vehicle Board, said, “If people are looking for challenging jobs, our industry provides that challenge – we’re looking for people who are interested in the sector, not just those with more experience"


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