The Crowd Today: Falun Dafa

April 24, 2015

What is Falun Dafa & what are you protesting about?


Falun Dafa is a Meditation way of life that started in China in the 1900’s.

We are here because when this group was established, China started prosecuting them and whilst they were in prison their organs would be removed and sold.

China thinks that no one knows about this but because it is an international thing, we have means of knowing what happens. 


What would you like the EU to do?


Well, today in the parliament there is a workshop being held about this so we are here just to 

support them and show how peaceful we are and that we care about this cause. 


Will you be going anywhere else after this?


We are a local organisation in Brussels so we will be demonstrating more, this Saturday, the 25th April we will protest in Place de la Monnaie. We also protest around the EU and in New York!


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