The Western Balkan is facing big challenges to adapt to new times.


One of them is the low rate of female political participation, especially at the local level.


ThinkYoung, as a think tank specialized in youth, with the commitment of bridging gaps between Eastern and Western countries, would like to engage more women -especially the young ones- in the political world.


The extension of their presence in politics would assure the democratic participation, in the sense that everybody could contribute in the decision-making process regardless their gender or social class.


Therefore, we organized a documentary to portray the current situation of women in:


  • Politics

    • Political participation

    • Female voters

    • Female politicians

    • Gender quota


  • Economics

    • Female entrepreneurs

      • Across Europe, far more men than women run their own businesses and manage companies. Entrepreneurs make up around 8 % of the female workforce, compared with 16 % of men.

      • Women’s obstacles to innovative entrepreneurship

      • Contextual

      • Economic

      • Soft

    • Women as driving forces in economic development

    • Gender quota in boardrooms

    • Gender pay-gap; reconciliation measures private life and work; m/paternity leave


  • Society

    • The role of Women in Society

    • Women in Family life

    • Difference between City and Rural areas

    • Gender Equality in communism versus today


Our Goal is to inform people about the situation of women in the Balkans, to raise awareness and help to empower women in these countries.

Gender equality is an important subject in society today.


Young Women should have equal opportunities to shape their lives all over the world.


The project “empowering Women in the Balkans” is a starting point to enhance the role of women.


This project is conducted to inspire young women to stand up for gender equality and show their potential of contribution in economic development.


“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”


Kofi Annan



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