More than 50% of the population in Kosovo is under 25 years old.


Being one of the youngest countries in Europe, ThinkYoung considers it a key area for its promotion of the youth’s interests in the continent.


Our project there is especially sparked by our idea to bridge the cultural gap between countries of Eastern and Western Europe.


We think that young people can bring the change to the growth of a country.

Recognizing the recent youth uprisings all over the world, ThinkYoung believes that investing in young people is the key to ensure sustainable development of a country.


The Republic of Kosovo is limited in investing in its young population.

Without endorsing options of traveling to other countries for studying, work experience or business travels, young people do not stand a chance to bring forward their country and to get closer to Europe.


Kosovo should have the possibility to become a role model for youth participation to ensure development, if not Kosovo who else could show better that young people matter?


An increased need for awareness about the situation of young people in Kosovo towards their peers in Europe is of high priority for ThinkYoung.


In order to bridge the gap between them, ThinkYoung engages in Kosovo to increase communication between young Europeans to overcome isolation and regional disparities.



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